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Company Profile

Established in 1993, with its headquarters in Taipei Taiwan, GoDEX International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high performance category. GoDEX has offices in the US, Europe and China and its products are distributed world-wide.

GoDEX has created its success and earned a loyal following of thousands of customers by providing very affordable products that are extremely well engineered and supported by a company and reseller Partner network that is 100% dedicated to long-term customer satisfaction.

Mission & Objectives

To blend true customer focus, with engineering inspiration, and the practice of disciplined continuous improvement to create the industry’s most affordable, value-packed barcode printers that are supported by customer service that is as caring as it is fast.

Distribution Channel

GoDEX branded products are distributed world-wide by a network of certified GoDEX Value Add Resellers (VARS). These VARS are qualified and capable of installing, operating, and supporting GoDEX brand printers in end user barcoding and labeling applications.

Продукция компании GoDEX

Настольные термопринтеры GODEX (серия EZ)

Настольные термопринтеры GPrinter (Китай)

  • GP-58T GP-58T, Термопринтер этикеток, 2", 5 IPS, 203 dpi, USB+RS232

Настольные термотрансферные принтеры GODEX

Промышленные термо/термотрансферные принтеры GODEX (серия EZ)

Мобильные принтеры этикеток

Аппликаторы, обратные намотчики этикеток

  • 031-T10012-000 Rewinder GODEX T10, обратный намотчик для любых принтеров GODEX
  • KAPN-30 TOWA 65-30 (APN-30), аппликатор (диспенсер) этикеток
  • KAPN-60 TOWA 65-60 (APN-60), аппликатор (диспенсер) этикеток
  • KAPN-100 TOWA 65-100 (APN-100), аппликатор (диспенсер) этикеток
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