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113904 р.
Product Code: KWP-AGENT0-PRD
Manufacturer: Kepware
SNMP Agent Plug-In, код KWP-AGENT0-PRD


С 08.02.2017 г. лицензии KEPWARE продаются с НДС!

  • Partnumber: KWP-AGENT0-PRD
  • Наименование: KEPWARE SNMP Agent Plug-In
  • Поставка: электронная
  • Цена: с НДС
  • Сроки поставки: Поставка лицензии KEPWARE: до одной недели - ключ, до двух недель - документы


При покупке лицензии KEPWARE приобретение годовой технической поддержки - обязательно!

Годовая техническая поддержка

Годовая техническая поддержкаID продуктаЦена, руб. (с НДС)
Обслуживание на момент покупки (20%) KWM-ATDRT0-ATT 22896
Обслуживание уже купленной версии (50%) KWM-ATDRT0-RCP 57024
Продление обслуживания (20%) KWM-ATDRT0-EXT 22896


Making industrial automation application data and information accessible to IT and Network Management Systems (NMS) is a challenge for the IT industry. Because most industrial automation devices and systems do not support SNMP (the IT standard) there are limited means to identifying these devices and systems within NMS applications.

The SNMP Agent for KEPServerEX provides an easy to use software platform for IT professionals to access automation systems and devices. The SNMP Agent is a single application with over 150 communication drivers specifically built for industrial applications like Building Automation, Oil and Gas, IT & Infrastructure, Power & Utilities, and Water & Wastewater. The SNMP Agent plug-in enables most NMS to communicate with automation devices and automation systems.

The SNMP Agent allows the IT professional to monitor network-attached devices for conditions, avert and remedy failed internal processes, and fix unexpected external events. The ability to monitor and manage these devices and systems is critical to improving the reliability and performance of industrial automation networks.

All KEPServerEX drivers are sold separately from the SNMP Agent. Click for a complete list of communication drivers and supported devices.


  • Provides access to more than 150 industrial automation hardware protocols. This diversity allows the IT professional to communicate with a wide array of devices found within the industrial automation industry.
  • Provides access to third-party industrial automation software applications. This allows the IT professional to communicate with third-party OPC servers and third-party client applications like OPC DA/UA clients, Wonderware, GE Intellution, Oracle, SAP, and countless databases.
  • Increases speed of issue resolution with improved visibility across the entire industrial automation network
  • Provides NMS access to visualize application and network service health
  • Provides NMS a means to identify resource problems across virtual and physical infrastructure to reduce business risks associated with downtime or slow performance
  • Provides NMS a means to analyze historical performance trends to identify bottlenecks and drive infrastructure optimization
  • Provides NMS access to immediate performance issue identification with real-time diagnostic capabilities to lower business service impact
  • Provides NMS with the ability to examine performance and usage trends based on historical application and system data
  • Maximizes maintainability and scalability with no reliance on the Microsoft Agent service installed with Windows
  • Provides plant data to NMS via MIBs, OIDs and Traps
  • Supports CSV Import/Export

A plug-in is an advanced option that extends the capabilities of the KEPServerEX communications platform. It increases the usefulness of data by transforming it beyond raw data in a device register.

Plug-ins may be licensed individually or in suites. Additional plug-ins can be licensed on demand as connectivity needs evolve.

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