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KEPWARE OPC Connectivity Suite, код KWP-OPCCS0-PRD

113904 р.
Product Code: KWP-OPCCS0-PRD
Manufacturer: Kepware
OPC Connectivity Suite, код KWP-OPCCS0-PRD

Лицензия: KEPWARE OPC Connectivity Suite, код KWP-OPCCS0-PRD

С 08.02.2017 г. лицензии KEPWARE продаются с НДС!


  • Partnumber: KWP-OPCCS0-PRD
  • Наименование: OPC Connectivity Suite
  • Поставка: электронная
  • НДС: цена с НДС
  • Сроки поставки: Поставка лицензии KEPWARE: до одной недели - ключ, до двух недель - документы


При покупке лицензии KEPWARE приобретение годовой технической поддержки - обязательно!

Т.е., оплачивая стоимость лицензии, клиент выбирает из таблицы техподдержки соответствующий код техподдержки!

Годовая техническая поддержка

Годовая техническая поддержкаID продуктаЦена, руб. (с НДС)
Обслуживание на момент покупки (20%) KWM-ATDRT0-ATT 22896
Обслуживание уже купленной версии (50%) KWM-ATDRT0-RCP 57024
Продление обслуживания (20%) KWM-ATDRT0-EXT 22896

Компоненты драйверов

  • OPC DA Client
  • OPC UA Client
  • OPC XML-DA Client


The OPC Connectivity Suite allows system and application engineers to manage their OPC Data Access (DA) and OPC Unified Architecture (UA) servers from a single application. Reducing the number of OPC Servers the OPC client is communicating with ensures your OPC client application is running as intended. Now you can easily manage loss of communications with other third-party OPC servers that have not met the rigorous quality standards set forth by the OPC Foundation. The OPC Connectivity Suite allows you to buffer the communications between non-OPC certified and feature-lacking applications and your OPC client.


  • Provides remote access for OPC, Native Interfaces, and DDE
  • Supports tunneling over LAN, WAN, and Internet via OPC UA
  • Provides a single, reliable connection point to access data from multiple OPC servers on local and remote machines
  • Optimize performance of OPC servers through OPC groupings that may be different than those required or allowed by clients
  • Supports connection monitoring and reconnect behavior for each OPC server
  • Provides connectivity to remote OPC servers for clients that do not support DCOM
  • Allow connectivity to multiple OPC servers from clients that do not support multiple connections or handle multiple connections well
  • Allow connectivity to OPC servers using different interfaces that are supported by clients, such as DDE, Wonderware SuiteLink, GE Intelligent Platforms (GE Fanuc) NIO
  • Supports update by exception (Watchdog)
  • Automatically import OPC server items

A suite is a collection of drivers and plug-ins for KEPServerEX. These products have been bundled into suites by vertical industry, device manufacturer, or industrial application for the convenience of our customers. Additional suites can be licensed on demand as connectivity needs evolve.

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