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Источник бесперебойного питания IBM UPS 9910-E35

176290.75 р.
Product Code: 74Y8478
Manufacturer: IBM

Источник бесперебойного питания IBM UPS 9910-E35, partnumber 74Y8478


Способы оплаты: наличными или безналичным расчетом

Модель: Источник бесперебойного питания IBM UPS 9910-E35, partnumber 74Y8478


  • 9910-E35 Peripheral 1:9910-E35 (2700-Watts)Powerware 9910 3KVA EXT 208V (Nema) 50/60HZ Rack 1 $2 285,00
  • 2944 Relay/Serial Card (iOS/iSeries Interface plus Serial (E35, E36) 1 $165,00
  • 2974 PDU to UPS output cord, UTG/Burndy to IEC-320(C20)P 6ft (7188/9188 PDU) 1 $250,00
  • 9013 Rack Field Install Indicator with iSeries servers (E35) 1 N/C
  • 9860 UPS Input (Mains) Power Cord, C19 to NEMA L6-20P (Type 11) 14ft 1 $44,00

IBM 9910 model E35

2700 Watt/3000 VA, 208 Vac UPS Cost-effective UPS lowers the price per watt protected and delivers a robust 2700 watts of power in a space efficient 3U form factor.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides up to 3000 VA/2700 W in only 3U of rack space
  • A 95 percent or greater efficiency rating helps reduce energy usage and costs
  • Intuitive, customizable LCD display in nine languages and bundled intelligent IBM UPS Manager software enhance control and manageability
  • Hot-swappable batteries for maximum uptime, availability and ease of maintenance
  • Load segments allow for individual control of receptacle groups
  • Integrates with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ E35 Model Guide
Model Number IBM Number Power Out (Watts/VA) Input Connection Output Connections Dimensions (HxWxD, in/mm) Unit Weight (lb/kg)
208 Vac; 50/60 Hz auto-sensing
9910-E35 74Y8478 2700/3000 L6-30P (2) L6-20R, (2) IEC-320-C19, (2) IEC-320-C13 5 x 17.25 x 20.8/127 x 438 x 527 88/40
Extended Battery Module (EBM)
9910-6651 74Y8481 5 x 17.25 x 20.8/127 x 438 x 527 119/59
1. Base configuration for the E35 consists of the E35 Accessory Kit (IBM part number 74Y8480) and internal batteries. 2. Input mains connection is an IEC-320-C19 to NEMA L6-30P (Type 11) power cord.

E35 Battery Runtimes Chart (in Minutes)

Load in Watts UPS Internal Batteries +1 EBM
660 41 153
1403 14 68
2040 10 43
2660 5 29

Note: This guide provides typical application information. Battery times are approximate and may vary with equipment, configuration, disk access, battery age, temperature, etc.

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