(Оптовая и розничная продажа торгового оборудования. Автоматизация ресторанов и магазинов. Дистрибуция программного обеспечения.|propre)

Supermarket "Eighth Wonder". Yaroslavl

Supermarket "The Eighth Wonder" at Yaroslavl, Crossroad Gogol and Suzdal.

List of equipment:

  • 3 POS- terminal
  • 1 scanner MS9220 Voyager RS232,
  • 3 scanner MS7220 Argus KBW,
  • 1 Server PC .


  • Back-office on 1C and Commercial , Development , LLC "Algorithm"
  • "Cashier " .

Supermarket "The Eighth Wonder " automated our dealers in the city of Yaroslavl - LLC " Algorithm ." This is the first automated facility in the city of Yaroslavl on the equipment and office software of our company. Back office program in this project - from the company " Algorithm" .

A characteristic feature of the project is to use the cash program "Cashier " and back-office software from different vendors . Pairing program has not caused the staff of LLC " Algorithm" trouble , especially Cashier program was originally developed for the back office on 1C Trade and Warehouse . The successful implementation of the project, as well as emerging prospects in the field of automation of catering can be promoted to raise the profile of our dealers to " official representative " in Yaroslavl region.