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Software iiko

The decision iiko differs fundamentally new approach to the automation of the restaurant business. Familiar tools for restaurateurs are combined into a single information space and added functionality previously available only to large ERP-systems.

Transparent management accounting and reporting, salary and employee motivation, loyalty management guests, video surveillance, integrated with the events in the system, control the music in the restaurant - this is not a complete list of features offered iiko.

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The range of solutions for the restaurant industry iiko includes automation solution for restaurants iikoRMS automation solutions for restaurant chains and iikoChain iikoCRM. iikoChain - a solution that ensures a uniform policy of financial management, personnel and procurement in the restaurants of the network, based on consolidated information and reporting. The decision iikoCRM expands traditional discount systems, providing a rich toolbox to enhance guest loyalty.

iikoRMS consists of several functional modules combined into a single information space:

  • iikoResto: provides the speed and accuracy of the service in the hall and the kitchen;
  • iikoOperations & Finance: provides a powerful tool for the management of financial and material resources of your restaurant;
  • iikoPersonnel: helps you to create a market-leading team of professionals;
  • iikoVideoSecurity: allows you to effectively deal with errors and abuse of staff.

Advantages iiko:

iiko helps you to earn more money:

  • Fast and accurate service through a user-friendly input and processing orders .
  • Transparent management and financial accounting, reporting to shareholders by pressing a single button.
  • Management of real cash book and the chart of accounts with IFRS.
  • The statistical data for marketing management .
  • Management of banquets , pre-paid , pre-orders to the kitchen.
  • Unified policy management restaurant chains .

iiko helps you save:

  • Full control thanks to video surveillance , integrated with all the events and actions of the staff, which allows an order to reduce the level of abuse and theft .
  • Unique interface for ease of inventory .
  • Convenient routings and cost analysis of dishes.
  • Optimization of the suppliers .

iiko with you brings and holds the best staff:

  • Motivational program and a personal record for each employee.
  • A time management system , integrated with payroll.
  • Remote schedule management staff.
  • Automatic calculation of bonuses and penalties.
  • Payroll including hourly rates and percent of sales .

iiko helps to attract visitors:

  • Powerful manage guest network cards in restaurants .
  • Integrated pre-booked tables.
  • Intelligent control system of the music in the restaurant.

iiko allows you to run a restaurant in the distance:

  • Remote access to any legal functions.
  • Remote video monitoring from anywhere in the world with the ability to connect to any camera in the restaurant.
  • Remote management of restaurant chains .

iiko ensure reliability and safety of the data:

  • Unprecedented flexibility of the system for managing access rights and authorized operations.
  • NO failures on loss of network or printer failure .
  • Strong encryption of data.

iiko offers the convenience and ease of use:

  • Less than 30 minutes to install the system in an average restaurant .
  • Waiters learn the system in 15 minutes.
  • Built-in wizard restaurant.
  • Ability to work with a negative balance at the moment.
  • Change the routing retroactively recalculate storage remains 15 seconds.
  • The system maintains a history of changes routings .
  • Import -export data to R-Keeper, StoreHouse and 1C.

iikoRMS distinctive feature is the unique integration of all business processes in real time. Waiter of the box and the terminal to the warehouse and kitchen, the financial analysis and reporting to shareholders to control music and video- security institution, from planning and pre-booking banquet tables to a loyalty system. iikoRMS provides the owner or manager a complete picture of the restaurant business , historical data and statistics, allowing you to receive advance information about important issues , situations and events. Additional features (delivered ready meals , bonus- deposit system , automatic entry of invoices, control your music in the hall and the management of infrastructure facilities ) are implemented in special solutions iiko. Establishments using automated solutions iikoRMS, can be networked with solutions iikoChain.

Optionally iikoRMS




order entry screen iikoRMS
  • Easy entry of orders through customizable menus and features
  • Simple division, merger and transfer of food and tables
  • Managing tables , information about their condition in real-time
  • Monitoring the speed and quality of execution of orders waiters
  • On-screen keyboard for the transmission spec. instructions to the kitchen
  • Automatic separation of the check to the guests
  • Sales reports : according to the waiters, meals, day, time of day, club cards



Reservation tables
  • Orders for banquet
  • Receive requests for food supply
  • Order pre-paid final settlement
  • Ability to upload a logo places on the main screen iikoHostess
  • Reserve tables
  • Preferred reserves mapping scheme as hall and in list format
  • Intuitive interface and powerful schema editor halls
  • Print a list of the current provisions of the day with one button
  • A flexible system of notification of the next reserves
  • Ability to choose the name and phone number of the guest list of guests to reserve a table before
  • Analysis of the statistics of reserves for any period of time


  • Flexible custom types of payment: cash, loan, bank card , VIP, staff meals
  • Receive payment and final settlement with the guests
  • Support for cancellations and chargebacks
  • Making payments in the background without blocking the cashier
  • Integration with payment systems Plas -Tech and Pulsar
  • Integration with hotel systems
  • Automatic verification of transactions to detect differences
  • Support for all popular models of cash registers to the top

iikoOperations & Finance



Removing residues
  • Accounting for the movement of goods in real time
  • Inventory by individual product
  • Inventory in real-time without stopping the operation
  • Inventory drinks at the bar with a bottle of weight without transfusion open bottles
  • Control of inventory in stock
  • Control the purchase price


  • User-friendly interface with nomenclature ( goods , food , dishes, billets , sheet)
  • Print flow charts in a variety of formats
  • Group analysis of cost
  • Create sophisticated dishes ( dish to dish )



Profit and loss account
  • All management reporting under IFRS in real time (balance sheet, income statement , cash flow , etc.)
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Cash transactions , payroll
  • Accounts payable , accounts with guests
  • Integration with tax accounting (for example, 1C: Accounting)





  • A flexible wage system : the percentage of own revenues , the hourly payment form
  • Automated scheduling of working hours, record the time of arrival and departure on the magnetic card , the automatic accrual of penalties for delays
  • Payroll, payroll


  • Personal page of each employee : information about sales, personal schedule visits , history of rewards and punishments
  • The messages about events and special offers
  • Report on the costs of staff and the amount of sales for each employee



  • Video on events
  • Instant recovery Movies Desk on any event in the system: the number of the check or the operation name , name of the guest or waiter
  • Storing video archive with 10-20 cameras from 30 to 90 days
  • Live video from anywhere in the world
  • Multi-level passwords and user rights system deployed at all important business transactions
  • The system to protect data from loss and unauthorized access

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