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MobileLogistics v.5.x License Pro Win, p/n 22171-eng

Product Code: 22171-eng
Manufacturer: Cleverence Soft


Способы оплаты: наличными или безналичным расчетом

License: MobileLogistics v.5.x License Pro Win, p/n 22171-eng


MobileLogistics is a software product, a business process management system using mobile data collection terminals (TSD) or pocket PCs.

The product can be used wherever accounting for the movement of material flows is necessary.


  • Retail
  • Sample trade, order selection;
  • Receiving, vacation, moving goods;
  • Inventory;
  • Price compliance control;
  • Fighting the queues;
  • Remarking goods using mobile printers;
  • Inventory of fixed assets;
  • Accounting for computers, equipment, software in accordance with the ITIL methodology.


  • Receiving, vacation, moving goods;
  • Accounting for goods, conducting inventories;
  • Order management;
  • Price compliance control;
  • Reconciliation of goods according to documents;
  • Accounting for computers, equipment, software in accordance with the ITIL methodology.

Manufacturing enterprises

  • Control the movement of material flows from operations;
  • Operational accounting and planning;
  • Monitoring of production processes;
  • Implementation of concepts of planning and inventory management;
  • Inventory of fixed assets;
  • Accounting for computers, equipment, software in accordance with the ITIL methodology.

Transport companies

  • Transportation documents;
  • Monitoring the execution of work.
  • Medical institutions
  • Personal records of patients;
  • Monitoring the condition of patients;
  • Medical history.
  • Pharmacies.

Post and office

  • Accounting and sorting of correspondence;
  • Delivery control.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Reception and execution of orders;
  • Sorting dishes and transmitting information about the ordered dishes;
  • Formation of a list of dishes and menus for the current day;
  • Keeping records in the warehouse;
  • Receipt of products;
  • Production and sale of blanks and dishes;
  • Monitoring the status of orders in the restaurant.

Traveling work

Delivery (configuration example) MobileLogistics is not just a turnkey solution, it is also a development environment! With our product you do not need to understand the intricacies of the DBMS and the hardware of the mobile device. All your actions will be concentrated in the field of describing custom forms and the logic of their work, our product will take care of the rest. Compared with the development of a highly specialized task for a specific device in C ++, your costs are reduced by an order of magnitude!


MobileLogistics first saw the light in 2004, at that time it was intended only for DOS data collection terminals (TSD) of Cipher (CipherLab). Since then, there have been many changes that have affected both the interface itself and the functionality. In 2005 MobileLogistics v.3 for Win- and PalmOS-terminals was released; in parallel with the third version of the product, a separate software product MobileLogistics for DOS-terminals continued to develop. In 2007, a universal version of MobileLogistics v.4 was released, which included terminal support on the two most popular operating systems: DOS and Windows. Since the PalmOS system had already lost its popularity by that time (later, on February 11, 2009, at the investor conference, Palm’s chief executive Ed Colligan noted that Palm would no longer release products based on Palm OS), it was decided to exclude support for PalmOS.

Along with the development of the MobileLogistics software product itself, its popularity grew, and in 2012 a new version of the software product, MobileLogistics 5, was released. At the moment, MobileLogistics is considered to be the best mobile automation system in its field. The built-in tools in the MobileLogistics 5 software product make it possible to implement seemingly unthinkable and complex solutions even easier and faster than before!

OS compatible

MobileLogistics: Configurator: Windows 2000 (with SP 4) / Windows XP / Windows XP Embedded / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 7. “MobileLogistics: Terminal”: Windows CE, Windows Mobile, DOS-shaped OS, Pocket PC, Palm OS, as well as specialized operating systems of manufacturers of data collection terminals.

Software compatibility

Data exchange with any commodity accounting system or development tool (loading and unloading databases) can be done in two ways:

using ActiveX components “ATOL: Data Collection Terminal Driver”. Work with the driver is implemented in software products developed by 1C, SoftBalance, Aitida. You do not need to purchase a security key or license file for ATOL: Data Collection Terminal Driver if MobileLogistics is installed on the TSD; using file sharing if the device has a Wi-Fi interface.

The following back-office systems have built-in mechanisms for working with MobileLogistics:

  • 1C (implementation example, implementation example). Certificate "1C: Compatible!".
  • ASTOR (implementation example, implementation example)
  • DALION: Store Management
  • Shtrikh-M: Trade company
  • InfoApteka (implementation example)
  • 1C-Rarus: Shopping complex. Groceries (implementation example, see "Configuration for TKPT8")
  • Aitida Retail
  • Aitida HoReCa
  • Trade 24h
  • Business Plus: Equipment 2
  • UCS. StoreHouse (Opticon SMART TSD)
  • External 1C processing for typical configurations (TiS, UT, Retail) on the platform 7.7, 8.1, 8.2 for exchanging data with MobileLogistics are included in the MobileLogistics distribution.

To work with typical configurations 1C: Retail 2.x, 1C: Trade Management 11.x, 1C: ERP 2.x, 1C: Management of a small firm 1.3, and with other industry solutions based on standard ones, it is possible to use the built-in 1C mechanism for working with MobileLogistics.

More on integration

Integration with 1C

For additional improvements on the integration of MobileLogistics and 1C, please contact the company: FREGAT 911, INTELIS, SKAT, B2B Group, 1C-Business Architect, DENVIK Group of Companies.

Integration with ASTOR software

For additional improvements in integrating MobileLogistics and ASTOR software, it is possible to contact the DENVIK Group of Companies, as well as the company Electron. Contact person: Arseniy Zharkov, e-mail: shrayky@gmail.com.

Integration with Aitida software

For integration of Opticon SMART TSD and Aitida software, it is most often recommended to use the standard configuration “Simple data collection with divided directories”.

For additional improvements, you can contact the company SKAT.

Integration with DALION: Store Management

For integration with the DALION: Store Management system, it is recommended to use the ready-made Dalion. Mobile workstation "for Win- and DOS- TSD.

For additional improvements, you can contact the company INTELIS and SKAT.

Integration with Barcode-M software: Trading company

For additional improvements, you can contact the company SKAT.

Integration with InfoApteka software

For additional improvements, you can contact the company FREGAT 911.

Supported Hardware

Data Collection Terminals

  • Bluebird - Pidion
  • Pidion BIP-1300
  • Pidion BIP-1500
  • Pidion BIP-5000
  • Pidion BIP-6000
  • Pidion BIP-7000
  • Pidion BM-170
  • Bitatek
  • IT9000 REVO (WinCE)
  • Casio
  • CASIO DT-900
  • CASIO DT-930
  • CASIO DT-X10
  • CASIO DT-X11
  • CASIO DT-X30
  • CASIO IT-10
  • CASIO IT-300
  • CASIO IT-500
  • CASIO IT-600
  • CASIO IT-800
  • CASIO IT-3000
  • CASIO IT-3000 CMOS
  • Cipherlab
  • CIPHER 9300
  • CIPHER 9400
  • CIPHER 9500 (PPC)
  • CIPHER 9500 (WinCE)
  • CIPHER 9600
  • Datalogic
  • DATALOGIC Skorpio
  • DATALOGIC Kyman-Net
  • DATALOGIC Viper-Net
  • Datalogic memor
  • DATALOGIC Falcon
  • DATALOGIC Skorpio X3
  • Honeywell
  • ScanPal 5100 (WinCE)
  • Dolphin 6000
  • Dolphin 6100
  • Dolphin 6500
  • Dolphin 7600 (PPC)
  • Dolphin 7600 (WinCE)
  • Dolphin 7850
  • Dolphin 9900
  • Dolphin 99EX
  • HX2 (WinCE)
  • Intermec
  • Intermec CK3 (PPC)
  • Intermec CN50
  • Janam
  • XG-100 (PPC)
  • XG-100 (WinCE)
  • Mobile compia
  • Mobile Compia M3
  • Motorola *
  • Motorola MC35
  • Motorola MC50, Motorola PPT8800
  • Motorola MC55
  • Motorola MC1000
  • Motorola MT2090 (unofficial support) **
  • Motorola MC2100 / 2180
  • Motorola MC3000
  • Motorola MC9000 / MC9190 (PPC)
  • Motorola MC9000 (WinCE)
  • Motorola MC8800
  • Motorola WT4000 / 4090 (WinCE) *** * If you have a TSD that is not included in the above list, please use firmware from other Motorola models: a number of available firmware is compatible with undeclared TSD models. If you have any questions, contact Technical Support.

** For a number of modifications to the Motorola MT2090 model, the Motorola WT4000 / 4090 (WinCE) firmware can be used.

*** This firmware can be used for some modifications of the Motorola MT2090 model.

  • Nordic ID
  • Merlin
  • Morphic
  • Opticon
  • Opticon OPH1004
  • Opticon OPH1005 *
  • Opticon H-13
  • Opticon H-15
  • Opticon H-16
  • Opticon H-19
  • Opticon H-21
  • Opticon PHL7xxx
  • Opticon PHL8xxx
  • Opticon DCL-1531
  • Opticon OPL-9728

* The Opticon OPH1005 data collection terminal has a different license policy: a Pro license is required for fully functional operation of Basic / Pro type configurations. For full-featured operation of free configurations of * .atol.ctf types on the Opticon OPH1005 data acquisition terminal, a license is not required.

Opticon OPH1005 analogue is Opticon SMART TSD, surpassing Opticon OPH1005 in a number of speed parameters. In addition to the full-featured Configurator, MobileLogistics has a built-in free Configurator for the following TSD models: Opticon SMART, Opticon OPH1004, Opticon OPH1005, Opticon H13 (Configurator Free -> Create -> Opticon -> TSD Model -> Operation Mode -> Free -> OK) .

  • Seuic
  • Seuic AutoID A7P-S1W1
  • SynQe (AdvanMobile)
  • SynQe (AdvanMobile) gSTAR
  • Unitech
  • Unitech PA500
  • Unitech PA982
  • Unitech HT660 Core (WinCE)
  • Unitech HT680 (WinCE)
  • Unitech HT660 (WinCE)
  • PDA brand HP
  • Custom (Universal firmware for devices not included in the above list)
  • ARMv4 (PPC)
  • ARMv4 (WinCE)
  • Emulator

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Mobile Printers

It is possible to work on any mobile Bluetooth and Wi-Fi printers that support various languages, including CPCL, ESC / POS, ZPL.


MobileLogistics is a turnkey solution consisting of a set of standard configurations designed to automate warehouse activities: inventory, income, expense, move, write-off of goods, etc.

If the capabilities of typical configurations are not enough, then the MobileLogistics system provides a Configurator with which you can quickly modify standard or create new configurations for various tasks. The source modules of typical configurations are open for revision. When a specific task appears, the MobileLogistics user does not need to order special “firmware” from the developer company. He can independently modify the typical configuration to suit his needs. This makes it possible to use typical configurations in almost any enterprise with minimal refinement.

MobileLogistics: Configurator presents a wide range of components with which to create a user configuration interface (buttons, data entry fields, labels, lists) and a set of tools that establish logical connections between visual elements (the algorithm for processing the entered information).

More about features

  • Work with hardware buttons.
  • Display data in tabular form.
  • Setting passwords to enter the form.
  • Implementation of reference cycles.
  • The function of calculating the amount in the directory column, taking into account the filters installed on the directory.
  • Using conditional and branch operators.
  • Selecting parts of any barcode and working with them.
  • Installation of complex filters.
  • Call of the form of data exchange with the goods accounting system from any configuration form.
  • Display automatically hiding messages.
  • Sound accompaniment of messages.
  • The ability to display the values ​​of variables in the message body.
  • Displays the current time and battery status indicator in the structure of the system menu.
  • Work with the date.
  • Work with the timer.
  • Call to execute the application with the specified launch parameters.
  • The call of the calculator built into the terminal with the subsequent storing of the calculation results.
  • Sorting the directory.
  • Search by composite key field.
  • Blocking visual components on the form (buttons, lists, input fields, etc.).
  • Work with files on the local network (search, editing, copying, renaming, deleting).
  • The ability to initiate data exchange from the side of the TSD.
  • The ability to send a request to the goods accounting system, including via Wi-Fi (in fact, on-line data exchange mode). Working with a visual editor does not require special programming knowledge from the user.

Depending on which class of the DDS (DOS device or Windows CE / Windows Mobile device) the appropriate configuration is being developed, there are many factors to consider, from the hardware capabilities of the terminal to the MobileLogistics feature set: Configurator.


The product consists of two components: MobileLogistics: Configurator and MobileLogistics: Terminal.

MobileLogistics: Configurator” is an application for a regular personal computer, designed to create a “scenario” for the operation of a mobile device.

MobileLogistics: Terminal” is an application for a mobile device that executes the created “script”. Different DBMSs are used depending on the operating system.

Scope of delivery "MobileLogistics: Configurator"

  • Software distribution.
  • User guide.
  • Guardant electronic security key.

Scope of delivery "MobileLogistics: Terminal"

  • Software distribution.
  • LicenseID - number for generating license files.

Prices and terms of distribution

Retail prices for MobileLogistics can be found on the POS-KKM price list.

This software is subject to copyright of ATOL Management Company LLC. MobileLogistics: Configurator, which is installed on a PC, is protected from copying by a hardware protection key. MobileLogistics: Terminal is protected against copying by a license file.

The acquired license for the terminal part is the following number: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. This number is called LicenseID and comes in a sealed envelope. According to the LicenseID and the special DeviceID number, which is displayed in the MobileLogistics software on the data collection terminal, it is necessary to generate a license file through the license generation page on the ATOL company website.

When working without a security key, MobileLogistics: Configurator operates in a demo mode, in which it is impossible to save the created configuration, as well as compile the configuration and upload it to the data collection terminal.

When working without a license file, “MobileLogistics: Terminal” operates in a demo mode, in which there is a restriction on data exchange with a PC - unloading from the terminal no more than 10 directory entries.

Is free.

We draw your attention to the fact that a number of *** typical configurations in the new MobileLogistics 5.x now work absolutely free of charge and do not require licenses. For full-featured operation of free configurations, it is enough to download MobileLogistics to a computer and a data collection terminal.

In addition to the full-featured Configurator, MobileLogistics has a free configuration mode for the following TSD models: Opticon SMART, Opticon OPH1004, Opticon OPH1005, Opticon H13 (Configurator Free -> Create -> Opticon -> TSD Model -> Operation Mode -> Free -> OK) . More information about the free configuration mode can be found in the User Guide.

Product Licensing Schemes

  • Configurator for creating configurations on a PC.
  • With full featured configuration.
  • Working in free configuration mode. You can read more about the free configuration mode in the MobileLogistics User Guide.
  • Two types of licenses for TSD: Basic license and Pro license.
  • The simplest typical configurations included in the distribution package work without checking the availability of a license file for the TSD.
  • The Basic license is designed to work with the rest of the typical configurations.
  • The Pro license is designed to work with proprietary configurations.

Matching types and operating modes

License type Configuration type Operation mode
- Basic Demo mode
- Pro Demo mode
Basic Basic Full-featured
Basic Pro Demo mode
Pro Basic Full-featured
Pro Pro Full-featured

Migrating from MobileLogistics 4.x to MobileLogistics 5.x

MobileLogistics 4.x MobileLogistics 5.x
Configurator Standard Full-featured Configurator
Configurator Prof Full-featured Configurator
License Standard License Pro
License Prof License Pro
- License Basic *
ATOL License ** -


- * New type of license.


- * In MobileLogistics 5.x, this license is not required. A number of *** typical configurations in the new MobileLogistics 5.x now work absolutely free and do not require licenses.


- * Inventory with data entry (Win-TSD / DOS-TSD: models SMART, OPH1005, OPH1004, H13 manufactured by Opticon).
- * Inventory split by warehouses (Win-TSD).
- * Inventory with HQ and quantity (DOS-TSD: Casio DT-9x0).

It’s possible to contact specialists regarding issues of changing standard configurations, creating new MobileLogistics configurations and compatibility with various software (1C, ASTOR software, Aaitida software, DALION: Store management, PO Barcode-M software: Trading company, InfoApteka software).

Similar equipment