(Оптовая и розничная продажа торгового оборудования. Автоматизация ресторанов и магазинов. Дистрибуция программного обеспечения.|propre)


Product Code: st-004

Configuration "Store" is developed on the basis of the components of "1C: Bookkeeping" operational records. "Store" allows for access to the head of the store, merchandise and accountant.


Способы оплаты: наличными или безналичным расчетом

"Store" is designed to automate the wholesale, wholesale and retail trade;

  • The arrival of the goods from the supplier to the automatic introduction of new products and their prices in-checkout machines and scales;
  • Returns to the supplier;
  • Design settlements with suppliers;
  • Sale of goods at retail (with automatic entry into the computer data on the various sales from the cash register);
  • Returns from the buyer;
  • Move the goods from the warehouse to the warehouse;
  • An inventory of goods, followed by offsetting the regrading, posting surpluses and shortages written off;
  • Reassessment product (with automatic revaluation of goods in CMC and weights);
  • Product order (based on a comparison of data on the minimum and actual stock of goods);
  • Preparation of operational reports on the presence and movement of goods, settlements with suppliers;
  • Formation of various schemes of discounts (savings, time, amount of purchase, name, etc.)


  • Update automatically purchase and retail prices for goods in the directory of a price change in the document;
  • The use of margin on product margins and control changes;
  • Check the prices in the retail sale of stock;
  • Inventory using a filter by product or group of products;
  • The ability to inventory using data terminals Casio and Argox.
  • The possibility of devaluation of the goods received from the party;
  • Check the expiration date of the goods;
  • The possibility of forming trade report in purchasing and retail prices;
  • Usability of commercial equipment;
  • Interaction with the software "Cashier (Supermarket)";
  • The ability to get in during the day progress reports on the sales of goods from the "Cashier (Supermarket)," and the calculation of their remains on the trading floor;
  • Formation of a sales report with discounts;
  • The organization of interaction with a barcode scanner, scales, label printers; "Store" support partionny accounting (methods of writing off FIFO, LIFO and average) and commission trade, allows you to create a book sales, and upload entries for business transactions in "1C"
  • Low-cost integrated solution for automating retail businesses.


  • Making the sale of goods entering the bar code from the keyboard or touch screen TouchScreen, or reading with a barcode scanner;
  • The calculation of the buyer with a credit card;
  • Settling with buyers using discount cards;
  • Support for different types of discounts for the goods: fixed, savings, time, holiday, small wholesale, and discounts in the amount of the check and the amount of product;
  • Support for any discounts as a commodity item, and the entire bill;
  • Print the sales receipt to the office printer;
  • Internal adjustment range and the price of the product without changing the closure in accordance with the information coming from goods accounting system;
  • Formation of interim reports on the sales of goods in real time;
  • Formation and unloading shift reports on hand, goods sold and discounts for good accounting system;
  • Registration of withdrawal from any location teller regardless of where the sale has been executed (when working in local area network);
  • Full or partial abolition of checks;
  • Monitoring cash cash drawer;
  • Cash Administration module, contain passwords separation of powers.