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Product Code: cr-001

Software "Cashier" - automation solution cashier workplace in commercial enterprises and organizations in various fields. The system can be used to implement functions in cash self-service stores, supermarkets, fast-food, cafes, bars, restaurants, trade organizations, with countertop, etc.


Способы оплаты: наличными или безналичным расчетом

SOFTWARE "Cashier"

The presence of interaction protocol enables integration of the "Cashier" with different goods accounting systems. Software "Cashier" can be used when working with the wide range POS equipment: cash register, barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, customer displays, scales, programmable keyboards, etc.

The functionality of the product of the "Cashier"

  • The ability to share applications with different goods accounting systems;
  • Operational data exchange with goods accounting systems;
  • Rapid adjustment range and the price of the product without changing the closure in accordance with the information coming from goods accounting system;
  • Check the received data in real time;
  • A wide range of connected POS equipment - fiscal printers, barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, electronic scales, displays the buyer;
  • Clearance sale of goods entering the bar code from the keyboard or touch screen, or by reading a barcode scanner;
  • The ability to identify the product by barcode;
  • A hierarchical (tree) classification of goods with unlimited depth levels of investment;
  • The ability to search for a product (in the group, by name, the context, etc.);
  • The ability to search for additional product attributes (eg, model code, color, size, etc.);
  • Sale "related" products (ie, sets consisting of other products);
  • Check the presence of additional attributes;
  • Duplication of the last line of the check;
  • A return policy at a price different from the sales;
  • Ability to work with pending documents (checks);
  • The ability to use additional price lists;
  • The use of different means of payment when paying with buyers: payment in cash,
  • Payment by credit card, use as a means of payment vouchers, coupons, etc., the ability to use other means of payment used in the organization;
  • The ability to combine different means of payment;
  • The ability to use different currencies for payment
  • The possibility of settlements with customers for a discount card inside the organization;
    - * The ability to set enable / disable the use of a means of payment, depending on the product;
  • Availability of the fee for shipping;
  • The ability to sell on the open market;
  • Design withdrawal from any cashier’s workplace regardless of where the sale has been executed (when working in local area network);
  • Customizable system of taxes;
  • The possibility of VAT refund;
  • Support for various types of discounts on goods (fixed, one-time, savings, time, holiday, discounts on the amount of the check, discounts for quantity, etc.);
  • The ability to create new discounts without attracting developers of the system;- * Print inset / bed sheet;
  • The ability to print a copy of the check (optional);
  • The ability to design the form of checks and bed sheet;
  • The possibility of full or partial cancellation of checks;- Formation of interim reports on the sales of goods in real time;- Formation and unloading shift reports on hand, goods sold and discounts for goods accounting system;
  • Control of cash in the cash drawer;
  • Opening the cash drawer at the request of the cashier;
  • Cash Administration module, contain passwords and lines of authority;
  • The ability to authenticate using the key keyboard (with a key on the keyboard);
  • The ability to send messages to any registered user;
  • Built-in event logging (including actions);
  • The minimum technical requirements for the computer platform;
  • Resiliency in hardware failures and unskilled personnel actions.

What makes the product of the "Cashier"

  • The use of a client-server database as the data store to ensure the integrity and consistency of data, as well as protecting them in an emergency (for example, if the power supply);
  • Multilingual interface (Russian, English, Ukrainian, etc.);
  • Modular architecture that provides the ability to connect to the system of the various modules (including those developed by third parties), implementing additional functionality, without the involvement of the developers of the system;
  • Connection and work with multiple fiscal printers;
  • Connection shopping POS hardware a OPOS;
  • Support for sharing with goods accounting system protocol formats transmitted data (text files, XML, DBF);
  • The existence of a subsystem, which provides the distribution of rights and responsibilities between user groups

There are 3 versions of the "Cashier"

  • Light version - minimal functionality can work effectively small shop;
  • Standard version - enough functionality for self-service supermarket with a sales area of ​​up to 1500 s.m.;
  • Professional version - maximum functionality for the effective organization of the major retailers, including chain stores.

Functional Cashier

Interface (administrator, senior cashier, the cashier). + + +
Work with fiscal registrar. + + +
Work with multiple risk factors. - - +
Work with barcode scanner. + + +
Work with customer display. + + +
Working with weights. - - +
Work with data collection terminal. - - +
Work with pending documents. - + +
Standard discounts (6 species). - + +
Advanced discounts. - + +
Select from a list of goods. - + +
Multicurrency. - - +
Multilingual interface. - - +
Interact with back office. + + +
Interact with surveillance systems. - + +
Vzaimodestvie with electronic payment systems. - + +
Log diversified. - + +
Print non-fiscal documents. - + +
Cards authorization. - - +

The equipment needed for automation

  1. Hardware requirements: Cashier program can run on computers with the following configuration: PC IBM/PC, processor from Celeron 800 MHz, 128 Mb RAM, HDD - 10 Gb, video - VGA, input-output ports - at least 2 - port RS232, LAN 10/100, USB.
  2. Fiscal register.
  3. Scanners all scanners following manufacturers: Metrologic (HoneyWell), Symbol (Motorola), Posiflex, Cipher, Zebex, Proton, etc.
  4. Customer Display: Posiflex PD2200, Firich.
  5. Programmable keyboard: Posiflex.
  6. Monitors: any POS-monitor with VGA-connector.
  7. Cash drawers: Posiflex, Firich, Dosmar, etc.

POS-terminal (workplace of the cashier) intended to be used in place of the cashier in the trade for cash settlement with a population of retail and wholesale trade. Belongs to the class of dispersion - modular POS-terminals.

Fiscal register - receipt printer with built-in fiscal board, which is connected directly to the computer. Using fiscal register as a printer gives you the opportunity to collect not subject to certification inexpensive POS-system (any computer, scanner, fiscal printer, and any other software, as well as the customer display and the cash drawer - on-demand). This is significantly cheaper than any standard POS-terminal.

List of equipment:

POS-system Computer system unit, cash, monitor, cash drawer, programmable keyboard with card reader, board buyer. The program can be easily adapted to work with any commercial equipment.

Interaction with Back-office systems

     Cash program "Cashier" is easily adaptable to any office system. And features such as multicurrency and multilanguage program allows you to use anywhere in the world.