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POS-terminal Panasonic JS-950WS

Product Code: pos-099
Manufacturer: Panasonic



The latest model of Panasonic - POS-terminal JS-950WS - a revolution in the market through its ability to transform.

The open architecture allows you to use any operating system and software, so the user gets the freedom to choose a standard or custom POS-applications. Powerful processor and large memory capacity (the maximum configuration - 2GB) make the terminal JS-950WS optimal solutions in a single system, and as part of a local network.

To extend the functionality of this model it is possible to run multiple applications simultaneously. Furthermore, JS-950WS is compatible with previous models of POS-terminals, which allows you to perform a gradual replacement of old with new terminals.


  • Restriction
  • Powerful Processor
  • User-Replaceable LCD


The unique modular design of the POS-terminal JS-950WS provides the ability to economically solve specific user tasks. A configuration of the terminal should be aware that it allows changes later in the course of its operation. You can increase the memory, alternately use different hard drives and LCD displays, change the orientation of the screen, if necessary, add a card reader or device access restrictions - all these operations the user can perform. These features make the JS-950WS best choice both technically and economically.

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