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Touch POS-Monitor Posiflex TM-7112


POS-displays (touch screens) Posiflex TM series with screen sizes 12 "and 15" are ideal for use in the workplace cashier/operator of the store, restaurant or fast food . POS- TM series monitors have the following characteristics:

  • Sustainable design mount the monitor to the stand;
  • Durability up to 35 million touches;
  • Adjustable brightness and contrast, auto;
  • Waterproof touch screen;
  • One-touch control;
  • The ability to set the tone of touch.


Screen TFT LCD resistive matrix
-Dual back lite LCD
Screen 12,1 "
Resolution 800x600
Interface touch controller RS232 or USB
Options SD- 300 -2U hinged magnetic card reader , track 1 & 2