(Оптовая и розничная продажа торгового оборудования. Автоматизация ресторанов и магазинов. Дистрибуция программного обеспечения.|propre)

POS - terminal "Store"

Product Code: pos-008


Способы оплаты: наличными или безналичным расчетом


  • Trade sector;
  • Services, except for postal services;
  • The scope of trade in oil products;
  • Area hotels and restaurants.


POS - system "Store" (Cashier’s Office ) is designed for on-site cashier in trade for cash settlement with a population of retail and wholesale trade. Belongs to a class of dispersion- modular POS- terminals. Fiscal - receipt printer with built-in fiscal board that connects directly to your computer (system unit POS- terminal). In the role of the system unit serves inexpensive compact computer like "barebone" . The use of fiscal printer as the printer allows you to collect not subject to certification inexpensive POS-system (any computer, scanner, printer DF as with any other software , as well as the board and the buyer money box - on demand). This is significantly cheaper than any standard R0S terminal.

List of equipment:

  • Fiscal printer;
  • A computer system - Celeron 1.8 / HDD 40 GB / 256 MB / LAN / SVGA / 4xRS232/4xUSB / LPT / FDD 3,5". Dimensions: 330 x 330 x 140 mm;
  • Screen TVS 9 "VM-9AF mono;
  • Cash Drawer Posiflex CR- 3100 ( 5 adjustable sections for banknotes , 6 adjustable sections for coins, 400 x 410 x 85 mm);
  • Keyboard with card reader Posiflex KB-4000M2 with integrated magnetic stripe reader ( Track 1 & 2 ), 40 programmable keys;
  • Customer display Posiflex PD- 2200.


POS- terminal can be equipped with cash program "Cashier". More information about the cash program can be found here.