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Symbol Technologies

September 22, 2006 the company Motorola Inc. and Symbol Technologies Inc. announced the signing of a definitive agreement on the takeover, under which Motorola acquired all the shares of Symbol, released into circulation. Since then the company has become a Symbol subsidiary of Motorola.

Website : www.symbol.com

Company Symbol Technologies, founded in 1975 , is a world leader in secure mobile systems for the collection and transmission of information, connecting handheld computers for different purposes with wireless networks for voice input, data and barcodes. Symbol products and services increase operational efficiency and reduce costs in the world’s largest companies in the retail industry , logistics and transport, as well as government agencies, manufacturers and suppliers of products and services in the field of healthcare, hospitality and security.

"The task of Symbol Technologies - improve the performance of the channel. We offer our partners an authorized initiatives that will help improve customer service and increase its impact on the market ", - said Sergey Komyagin , director of Symbol Technologies EMEA and head office in Russia.