(Оптовая и розничная продажа торгового оборудования. Автоматизация ресторанов и магазинов. Дистрибуция программного обеспечения.|propre)


Affiliate program for hardware and software dealers

We offer an affiliate program for companies engaged in the wholesale purchase of equipment and software for automation of trade and catering.

Almost any company can become our partner. This program does not impose strict requirements for availability of trained personnel. We can take care of the installation of equipment, software installation and technical support to your customers, and sales will be carried out by your efforts.

Companies participating in this affiliate program receive special rates on equipment and software, which are dependent on sales.

Partners also receive the necessary marketing support.

Rules Partner Program for dealers of hardware and software

For partner status must submit:

  1. Send a letter requesting to become a dealer. After consideration, the answer will be sent to the partner profile, partnership agreement and affiliate program.
  2. Business plan, including planned sales in the region.